Fika at Gisselåsen

Tommy and Sigrid live seven kilometers after the start of St. Olavsleden, in Gisselåsen. The couple has become a legend for hikers and cyclists passing through, because at Gisselåsen pilgrims receive a warm welcome and are invited in for Swedish ‘fika’ – coffee/tea and something sweet.

But Tommy and Sigrid do much more: they help pilgrims who don’t have a pilgrim pass, give tips about the route and count how much pilgrims are passing through every year. All pilgrims are photographed with the flag of their country of origin. The couple has a photo album with people from 32 countries – sometimes from real exotic places, like Nepal, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and China. Sometimes Tommy and Sigrid stay in touch with the pilgrims they meet – receiving and sending postcards and small gifts.

Tommy and Sigrid are some of the true treasures of St. Olavsleden. Stop by in Gisselåsen for fika and a nice chat.