Successful general assembly 2024

At the annual general assembly of ACSOW, held digitally on the 22nd of April, a new board was unanimously elected.

The board now consists of:

  • President: Janke Rasmussen, Norway (Pilgrimssenter Dale-Gudbrand/Gudbrandsdalsmusea AS)
  • Vice-president: Miika Ahola, Finland (Olof leader in Finland)
  • Board member: Kjersti Utne, Norway (Trondheim municipality)
  • Board member: Jenny Hall, Sweden (Östersund municipality)
  • Board member: Mikkel von Seelen, Denmark (Development Hærvejen)
  • Board member: Cathrine Stangebye Engebretsen, Norway (Vestfold County Municipality)
  • Board member: Johan Norling, Norway (Västkuststiftelsen)

All members are elected for two years. Two board members are new (Hall and Engebretsen), while the other five already have one or two terms as board members behind them.

We would also like to thank the two members who left the board, for the good work they have done for ACSOW: President Per Rosenberg (Linköpings Foundation, Sweden) and board member Marica Hamberg (Östersund Municipality, Sweden).