St. Olav Ways through Sweden

The following paths are part of the St Olav Ways in Sweden

St. Olavsleden (Selånger – Trondheim, 545 km):

St. Olavsleden reaches from the Baltic sea to the Atlantic sea, through Sweden to Norway.

The St. Olavsleden starts in the town of Selånger, on the east coast of Sweden and ends in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. It follows parts of the road that Olav Haraldsson traveled when he returned from Novgorod in Russia in the summer of 1030 to recapture the Norwegian throne. A journey that ended with the battle of Stiklestad, the death of Olav Haraldsson and the start of the era of St. Olav.

 The trail goes through large forests, over mountains, along lakes and past communities and historic sites. The roadbed varies from gravel road, asphalt and trails.

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