The association ACSOW

The association for the Route of St. Olav Ways (ACSOW) is an association of members based on the democratic values of the European Cultural Routes.

The main purpose for ACSOW is to manage the status as a European Cultural Route. By facilitating for pilgrimage on the old thoroughfares towards the Cathedral of Nidaros and Trondheim, the association shall promote the common European heritage represented through the Route of St. Olav Ways.

Furthermore, ACSOW will facilitate projects, publications, research and activities coherent with the St. Olav heritage in general. ACSOW will focus especially on pilgrimage along the St. Olav Ways.

The certification “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” is a guarantee of excellence. The networks implement innovative activities and projects pertaining to the following fields of action: co-operation in research and development; enhancement of memory, history and European heritage; cultural and educational exchanges for young Europeans; contemporary cultural and artistic practice; cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development.

The executive board

In the period 2022 – 2024, the executive board and administration of ACSOW consist of the following (from left to right): 

  • Johan Norling, Västkuststiftelsen, Sweden.
  • Kjersti Utne, Trondheim kommune, Norway.
  • Marica Hamberg, Östersunds kommun, Sweden.
  • Janke Rasmussen, pilegrimsenter Dale-Gudbrand/Gudbrandsdalsmusea AS, Norway.
  • Miika Ahola, Olofsleder i Finland, Finland.
  • Mikkel von Seelen, Udvikling Hærvejen, Denmark. 
  • Guro Berge Vistad, Nasjonalt Pilegrimsenter, Norway (administration).
  • Per Rosenberg, Vadstena pilgrimscentrum/Linköping stift, Sweden.
  • Hans Morten Løvrød, Nasjonalt Pilegrimssenter, Norway (route manager). 

Per Rosenberg is the president of ACSOW, Janke Rasmussen is the vice president. 

ACSOW has a written agreement with the National pilgrim centre of Norway, who serve the function as route management and administration.