St Olav Ways through Denmark

The following paths are a part of St. Olav Ways in Denmark:

Hærvejen/The ancient road (Padborg – Hirtshals/Frederikshavn, 500 km): 

The Ancient Road consists of a few hundred kilometres of hiking and cycling trails that reach all across Jutland. 

Along the way the route leads you very closely past everything one could wish for in the Danish countryside: the sea, the coastline, the heath, the forests and the open landscape as well as some of the most interesting locations of Denmark’s history.

 In the south, the ancient road connects the network of St. Olav Ways to the rest of Europe, reaching the border of Germany. In the north, it connects the rest of Europe to Norway and Sweden, as you can take a boat either to Gothenburg in Sweden, or to Larvik or Oslo in Norway. From here you can contuine your walk towards Trondheim.