General assembly 2023 succesfully held

On April 27th, the annual general assembly of ACSOW was held.

As decided by the board in 2022, the general assembly is always to be done digitally. This is to be sure that the democratic values of the association is being secured – it should not be an economic issue whether all members can prioritize to take part in the general assembly or not. This way, all big and small members are an equal part of our membership democracy. We also find this a much better use of time and resourses, and want to find other ways of making relevant physical meeting places for our members. This has been approved by all members.

The meeting was led by the president, mr Per Rosenberg. The general assembly of last year approved a strategy plan for the period of 2022 – 2024, of which a status report was given now. And as always the annual report for 2022, the 2022 accounting as well as 2023 budget was discussed and approved. Further, an adjustment in our statues was discussed and approved, making it possible for the board to consist of minimum seeven, maximum ten, members.

No election this year, as the board was elected for a 2-year period last year.

The board and administration give a big thank you to all members for a well performed 2022 and general assembly. Looking forward to all acitivities along our common Cultural Route this year!