Joint meeting for the ACSOW-board and the Scientific Committee at Granavollen, Norway

On the 15th and 16th of May, both the ACSOW board and scientific committee met for joint meeting days at Granavollen in Norway.

Granavollen is located in the region of Hadeland in Norway, and has been a cultural and historical meeting place for more than 2,000 years. Among other things, the two medieval churches “Søsterkirkene/sister churches” are located here, and today the Pilegrimsleden (part of the Cultural Route of St. Olav Ways) between Oslo and Trondheim passes right through the area. Pilgrim centre Granavollen is also located here, one of the 12 regional pilgrimage centers found along the Pilegrimsleden in Norway.

Here the board and scientific committee met for two days for joint meetings, discussions and common experiences, and to get to know each other better. Furthermore, discuss how we can work together to strengthen the entire Nordic cultural route St. Olav Ways, in particular which activities the board wants the committee to prioritize, and how the board and administration can support the committee in this work.

The Granavollen area offered great historical surroundings, and we got to experience both the Søsterkirkene, The stone house, Tingelstad old church, as well as a great walk along the Pilgrimsleden. Sanner Hotel, which also has simpler accommodation for pilgrims in the summer season, offered us good food and good hospitality.

The marking stone at Granavollen, 533 km to Nidaros from here (medieval name of Trondheim)
Wonderful landscape to walk through
Jane Dahl Sogn, general manager at pilgrim centre Granavollen
The board, administration and scientific committee in front of the Tingelstad old church: Cathrine Stangebye Engebretsen, Guro Berge Vistad, Hans Morten Løvrød, Janke Rasmussen, Kjersti Utne, Kersti Markus, Mikkel von Seelen, Ingeborg Collin and Mats Nilsson. (Jenny Hall, Johan Norling, Miika Ahola og Minna Opas were not present).
The magnificent medieval sister churches “Maria” and “Nikolai”, shown to us by wonderful local guide Kari Røken Alm.