Norwegian Study Visit Report

Following discussions in cabinet session, the Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry agreed on a joint strategy for the pilgrimage development in Norway. Due to changes in governmental structures and the division between the […]

I really like walking all day long…

“I really like walking all day long.” We met Maria from Stockholm when she was on her way to Trondheim. Maria Fornstedt from Stockholm has walked countless kilometres over the years and is now hiking S:t Olavsleden at a pace of about 35-40 kilometres each day. We met her as she was passing Brunflo and […]

To learn about the history…

”To learn about the history as you’re walking across the country makes the walk more special” – meet Michelle and Mark Ryan on their walk along S:t Olavsleden Michelle Ryan from Australia spends her days walking her way around the world, documenting it on her website Once a year her husband tags along for […]

Nature is our religion

More and more people from Australia are traveling all the way to Scandinavia to experience the St. Olav Trail. We met up with two of them, Louise and Mel, just before they crossed the border into Norway. ‘We are from Tamborine Mountain, just one hour from Brisbane, in what is the oldest rainforest in the […]

Leanne became a pilgrim and a bride

Leanne is a twenty-eight year old photographer from Kent in the South-East of England who walked St. Olavsleden in 2016. This is her own story about her trip along St. Olavsleden trail. In August 2016 I walked St. Olavsleden from Selånger to Trondheim together with my good friend Angeliqa, after she asked me if I […]

Fika at Gisselåsen

Tommy and Sigrid live seven kilometers after the start of St. Olavsleden, in Gisselåsen. The couple has become a legend for hikers and cyclists passing through, because at Gisselåsen pilgrims receive a warm welcome and are invited in for Swedish ‘fika’ – coffee/tea and something sweet. But Tommy and Sigrid do much more: they help […]

”There are no disturbances here”

– Meet Runa & Ger on their way from Selånger to Trondheim Torfhildur Runa Gunnarsdottir from Iceland and Ger Lenssen from the Netherlands have both walked several pilgrim trails around Europe throughout the years. In 2017 they ran into each other walking from Oslo to Trondheim.  They didn’t want to walk alone, so they kept each […]