St. Olav Ways through Finland

The following paths are part of the St Olav Ways in Finland:

St. Olav Waterway (Turku – Åland – Stockholm)

Walk through the most beautiful archipelago in the world from island to island. The route will take you from Turku Cathedral on the Finnish mainland, through the Finnish archipelago, through Åland – the islands of peace- and on to Sweden. Once in Sweden you have several alternative routes to choose from to reach your final destination of Trondheim in Norway.

The sea route begins in Finland’s former capital, Turku and passes through historically interesting areas in the archipelago of Finland and Åland. You can be very flexible when planning your journey. Do you want to walk the entire distance? Do you want to walk some of the legs and choose bus transport for others? Or would you prefer to divide the route up for several occasions? A hiker on St. Olav Waterway does furthermore have the added bonus of resting during the crossings on water. During these you will be transported on board road and passenger ferries.