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Association for the Route of St. Olav Ways (ACSOW) is a certified cultural route. The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe are key resources for responsible tourism and sustainable development. They cover a range of different themes, from architecture and landscape to religious influences, from gastronomy and intangible heritage to the major figures of European art, music and literature.

Latest news

  • Scandinavia has a large amount of pilgrim routes. Some suited for spiritual walks, others for hiking. Some routes are...
    Focus forward
  • Nordic Culture Point administers four grant programmes, which are divided into six different funding options. The programmes provide the...
    Culture and Art Funding
  • King Olav Haraldsson II was killed in the battle of Stikelstad north of Trondheim, Norway in 1030. The battle...
    Celebrations in Grisslehamn
  • Following discussions in cabinet session, the Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture...
    Norwegian Study Visit Report
  • Pilgrimages are a global phenomenon and are common among all the great religions. In recent years, interest in walking...
    1000 kilometres of pilgrim paths in Västra...
  • “I really like walking all day long.” We met Maria from Stockholm when she was on her way to...
    I really like walking all day long...
  • ”To learn about the history as you’re walking across the country makes the walk more special” – meet Michelle...
    To learn about the history...
  • More and more people from Australia are traveling all the way to Scandinavia to experience the St. Olav Trail....
    Nature is our religion
  • Leanne is a twenty-eight year old photographer from Kent in the South-East of England who walked St. Olavsleden in...
    Leanne became a pilgrim and a bride
  • Tommy and Sigrid live seven kilometers after the start of St. Olavsleden, in Gisselåsen. The couple has become a...
    Fika at Gisselåsen
  • – Meet Runa & Ger on their way from Selånger to Trondheim Torfhildur Runa Gunnarsdottir from Iceland and Ger...
    ”There are no disturbances here”


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